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gettin’ a buzz on

As posted on 2012/08/15 by songmaster

[Is the title too stupid?][No.]

Anyone who’s spent much time working in a white collar environment has heard some of these. This is especially true in the kind of environment that encourages Powerpoint as a communication medium. The corporate choral music of the spheres: so ubiquitous, you can’t hear it.

[Motivation: how we've used it, how we hope to use it.]

[OMG. These could all be tags....]

  • low-hanging fruit
  • at the end of the day
  • capture the benefits
  • to be honest
  • bottom line
  • paradigm shift
  • monetize
  • feed the network
  • eyeballs
  • mindshare
  • buzz
  • robust
  • synergy
  • prioritize
  • critical path
  • resource allocation
  • action item (“I’ll take that action item.”)
  • task (verb: “I’ve been tasked with that.”)
  • creative (noun: “Are you a creative?”)
  • deliverables
  • team player
  • Hail Mary pass
  • huddle
  • strategize
  • socialize (meaning “discuss”)
  • driving/driver
  • cost center
  • profit center
  • orientated
  • 80/20
  • learning curve
  • he’s a man of action
  • mission-critical
  • do some horse-trading
  • clear the air
  • level playing field
  • transition the company (or any use of “transition” as a verb)
  • grow the business
  • team player
  • customer-focused
  • shareholder value
  • it’s a win-win
  • tee it up
  • severely impacted (or any use of “impact” as a verb)
  • cardiovascular-wise (or any use of “-wise” as a suffix)
  • impactful
  • viral
  • viral marketing
  • networking
  • 24/7
  • on-ramp/off-ramp
  • 411
  • app/killer app
  • smartsourcing
  • outsourcing
  • rightsizing
  • tiger team
  • google that
  • on the radar/below the radar
  • solution
  • process-oriented
  • e-learning
  • i-_
  • goodput
  • architect (verb: “architected for robustness”)
  • five nines
  • six sigma
  • blackbelt
  • _-killer
  • irregardless
  • thought pattern
  • vision thing/vision
  • Java-speak (or any use of “-speak” as a suffix)
  • due diligence
  • milestone
  • product lifecycle management process (or subsets thereof)
  • gate
  • toll gate
  • swim lane
  • manage expectations
  • put a tack in it

[Rewrite, depending on whether we raid Wikipedia's list to augment our own:] But we are amateurs. For the mother lode, see Wikipedia’s List of Buzzwords.

[Whatever happened to "Risk-based decisioning," or are we saving that for later?]

[Add links to online audio.]