editsville in transit

editsville in transit

…in which we toil over the inner harbor channel with mouse and camera. Transit is one act of our A LOT 2014 presentation the Floating Bridge of Dreams. It was initially envisioned as the opening act, and might still turn out to be…assuming we can overcome our fear of daylight. That’s because our 6:30 evening […]

WordPress…civilization…where will it end?

WordPress…civilization…where will it end?

…in which we consider our third—or is it our fourth?—makeover…. Some time last year the various web and cultural planets I follow—perfunctorily, even lazily, I have to admit—came into alignment. I had an epiphany about the work we’re doing here at wikiGong.com. That is, an epiphany about our web page, not about the various things […]

Friday Night in Stockholm, with Super Fly: Trolling for Memes

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…in which we note 304 trackback spams since August 29…. OK, once in a great while we still get to travel on business and then end up in the hotel checking email and the state of the web site on a Friday night because that’s just how it is. And the spam keeps on coming! […]

now we are three

…in which we bemoan current travel restrictions, and admit distraction. Another year older, and a bit less to show for it, at least this side of 2011. wikiGong turned three July 26, 2012. Since last fall, we’ve had fewer travel opportunities—though audio recording gear has accompanied every trip we have managed—and have been a bit […]

raising the barn

…in which I find some of the pieces are starting to feel a bit heavy This post shares its title with the current task list over at dekalbowiki. My last two weeks have been largely devoted to the heavy lifting of whacking the MediaWiki installation into place, reimplementing the WordPress look and feel, and starting […]

pretty but dangerous

…in which we ponder WordPress, Web 2.0, and brinkmanship. Let’s take them in reverse order…. Brinkmanship. Sucks. But enough about the US debt ceiling, Congress, and network news. While the world ground down its own axle on this self-parody of US braggadocio, I was busy trying to get Google Analytics working again after the site […]

nearing the finish line

…in which I pronounce the 2011 makeover nearly done When starting this in May, I was sure it would be wrapped up before June. Let’s just say I learned a lot. And that there was a lot of porting from way back that needed doing. Now almost three weeks into a second month, I can […]

confessions of a project junkie

…in which I admit to beating around the bush. To the end, I will insist all this hemming and hawing may lead to meaningful accomplishment. Over the course of two weekends, I’ve managed to hammer the wikiGong site into a slightly more approachable—or at least more familiar?—form. A few things are starting to work as […]

another audio experiment

…in which we attempt to use the “Degradable HTML5 audio and video” plug-in from Pavel Soukenik. This should be really simple, if we can provide a valid reference. Let’s see: Brooklyn Bridge handrail Golden Gate Bridge handrail Pretty clean and very quick. Links are directly to the downloadable mp3 files in our Sounds database. It […]

branching out

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…in which we start a whole new venture with a friend, applying lessons learned. Harking back to a decade spent—formatively—beyond the fringes of Chicago, we embarked this week on our second site-building romp with friend and mentor Joseph Pinzarrone: dekalborama.com is now rising up from the virtual cornfields of northern Illinois like the dust of […]