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wikiGong sounds is live!

site admin
permalink   Sat, Apr 10, 2010 @ 11:44 PM
Well, we’ve opened the share pages up for contributions. A few things to notice:

wikiGong is basically three applications:

— the wikiGong home pages
These are fixed and serve as our public portal

— the wikiGong wiki pages
These are for collaboration and planning. Join and use them!

— the wikiGong sounds pages
These are for sharing. Join and use them!

This tripartite structure is really just an artifact of how the site was built. As we harmonize the three sections, it will get easier to use them and to get from page to page. For now, please be patient and understand that search and account functions are local and work on their respective regions.

We’ll address this in an upcoming release. Bu the basic structure shouldn’t change and every attempt will be made to preserve all postings!