the last SoundWalk

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the last SoundWalk

Well, there we were…as always, right where we weren’t supposed to be…at SoundWalk 2013 in Long Beach. Back near our starting point, actually, over on 3rd Street between Elm Ave. and Long Beach Blvd. For three of the last four years we’ve been within a few doorways of the same spot. Igor Amokian was out […]

that time of year again

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that time of year again

…in which we apply for the tenth and final Long Beach SoundWalk…. As of today, we’ve only sent in our proposal, along with this image based on Jacob’s photo. Our inspiration is to get back to wikiGong’s primary mission and present something at SoundWalk 2013 once again involving field recordings of massive infrastructure. The result […]

Elegy for Matt Mason (Script)

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“Elegy for Matt Mason” was one of four pieces we prepared for the 2011 Long Beach SoundWalk, and the one in which I was most deeply involved. That is, it was a wordy piece, and the words were mine. (The lyrics? The libretto? “Script” will do.) The Matt Mason Idea As Dave and I anticipated […]

SoundWalk 2012: crowdsourcing the post-production

What people see and capture they sometimes post, some more quickly than others. Here’s a little compendium of links to Long Beach SoudWalk 2012 videos we’ve run across, almost all appearing within thirty days of the event. Our own post-production clean-up continues to lag behind. (Those pesky day gigs! You try washing them out….) We’re […]

dowsing ccMixter

…in which we continue the search for our lost tribe…. Dave’s been cross-posting material to for the past week or so and is planning to push out a bit more. Presenting our compiled efforts here, at our Sounds site, is great—we reuse the ccHost technology, demonstrate its power, get our own stuff out […]

Friday Night in Stockholm, with Super Fly: Trolling for Memes

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…in which we note 304 trackback spams since August 29…. OK, once in a great while we still get to travel on business and then end up in the hotel checking email and the state of the web site on a Friday night because that’s just how it is. And the spam keeps on coming! […]

Morning after SoundWalk, with John Cage: Hair of the Dog

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Yes, wikiGong performed at the 2012 Long Beach SoundWalk Saturday night, about which more later. It was a success, at least to the extent that we (well, mostly Dave, really) got set up in good time, and performed the pieces we’d planned on, more or less on schedule. Friends, family members, and strangers came and […]

now we are three

…in which we bemoan current travel restrictions, and admit distraction. Another year older, and a bit less to show for it, at least this side of 2011. wikiGong turned three July 26, 2012. Since last fall, we’ve had fewer travel opportunities—though audio recording gear has accompanied every trip we have managed—and have been a bit […]

looking forward to 9/1/2012 Long Beach SoundWalk

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Recently arrived via email, words we optimistically look forward to, but don’t dare assume: This is official notification that you have been selected as a participant in SoundWalk 2012 to take place on the evening of September 1st (6PM-10PM). Now begins the effort to create/design/constrain, which we hope will culminate in an interesting and stimulating […]

the GGB turns seventy five

…in which history repeats itself…. Couldn’t let the day go by without noting the event, though thousands of others have marked it already. A few of my favorites: Golden Gate Bridge Opening May 27, 1937 Pedestrian Walk Golden Gate Bridge Under Construction Golden Gate Opus with the Marin Symphony The SF Chronicle’s take